The Rules

We all love freedom and hate rules. We strive to keep the rules of The Game as simple as possible, and create a scenario as close to the real world Internet as we can. We only have a few rules and for now, they are:

  • Please try not to “Shoot the Pianist”. Attacking the CTF365 platform does not help anyone. On the contrary, by attacking our platform you will hurt all the users. We don't keep any sensitive data on our platform to look for.
  • Any attack over our infrastructure will lead to us suspending your account without notice.
  • Don't try to conduct underground activities with your Fortress (system) from our platform in the Real World (e.g. using our platform to spam others, attack other servers on the internet and so on). We don't care who you are, but we do care what you are doing in our home (CTF365 Platform). Please remember that you are our guest and please behave accordingly.
  • We reserve the right to suspend your account if we consider that you violated one of our rules.

Happy Hunting!