Step into our world and start hacking. Defend your castle, and launch attacks on others, all using the exact same techniques that work in the real world.

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The Internet Where
Hacking is Legal

In our "Internet" there are hundreds of applications running on hundreds of servers, waiting to be attacked. Think of "World of Warcraft" for hackers, where you can practice SQL injection, Deface, DDoS, Brute Force, Sniffing, MiTM, and be celebrated for your skills.

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Why CTF365

The CTF365 platform is a global game of Capture the Flag (CTF).
You’ll learn real world security skills while having fun!
Proven to turbo-charge your journey to mastery.

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    Designed for offensive and defensive security training, testing new tools, and experimenting with new tactics. Refine your skills and code in a world that simulates real-life situations.

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    CTF365 is an alternative training platform that throws out traditional training models, and taps into the natural way humans learn. For both individuals and teams, prepare for rapid improvement!

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    Because of its flexibility, the CTF365 Platform can improve your organization's core IT security training abilities as an add-on layer, or as a standalone solution.

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If you are a
Security Training, PenTest, Security Management Company,
RED/BLUE/CERT/CSIRT Team, InfoSec Organization

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Hacks, Ranks & Points

Deface | XSS | SQLi | Command & Control | PrivateEnumeration | TakeOver | BruteForce | Crypto | Sniffer

XSS Start3R CTF365
XSS Hunt3R CTF365
XS5 Hack3R CTF365
X55 Pwn3R CTF365
X5$ 1337 CTF365
X$$ 1337 H4x0R CTF365


CTF365 can be connected to your existing training capabilities as an add-on layer or it can be used as a standalone solution to improve your organization's core security training capabilities.


  • Turn your employees into world-class security experts.
  • Give access to customers, and they’ll teach themselves how to operate your fancy tech.
  • Performance Metrics. See who’s excelling, and who’s not.
  • Get the same skill-increase as high-end courses, for a fraction of the cost.
Improve their offensive skills. Develop new attack strategies. Test new offensive tools or their own scripts against machines that are not "Vulnerable by Design" – They’ll demand real results!
Train their defensive security skills. Test new defensive tools & tactics. Improve risk mitigation plans via data collection processes. Come up with new analytic methods to spot incidents in a real-world environment.
Web developers can leverage CTF365’s user base to help spot vulnerabilities in their open-source web applications, write security conscious code and produce safer web sites and applications.


Information Security



Thoughts and feedback from the global IT Community

  • Sean Williams - Facebook

    It seems like you have a fun and potentially challenging CTF setup going on. I really like the ongoing, always-on aspect.

  • Leon Tale - NCC

    CTF365, is one of the top resources i would recommend to any one starting out in IT security and wanting to train their skills or beginner to advanced users participating in a vast competitive and realistic capture the flag.

  • Christopher Thomas -SCS

    I think the main thing is that its more of a real world setup not these vulnerable by design labs but real world targets

  • Matt Robey - Security Professional

    A fabulous concept, Brilliantly executed.

  • Hardy Mansen - Unibet

    World Class Support. Thanks!

  • Marius Avram Gabriel – RandomStorm

    If you want to improve your skills then CTF365 is by far the best place! Great platform for infosec trainings.

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