The Combatant

A combatant is a user that has an account on CTF365. The Combatant has to declare the country that he is fighting for. A combatant will be part of one team at a time. Combatants can join and leave different teams.

The Team

A team must have at least 5 combatants (hackers) and no more than 10. This will provide enough flexibility for both activities: defensive and offensive capacities. Each team will start with at least one Fortress. No Fortress, no CTF.

The Alliances

The Teams can create alliances and common attacks strategies. However, if a user claim a victory over an enemy's Fortress, the points go to The Team, unless your alliance with other Teams is declared and registered as an Alliance, in which case the points go equally to The Teams that form the Alliance.

The Fortress (your server)

In a CTF competition this would be the server you have to protect while hacking others servers (depends on CTF rules and designs).